Tomina & Lance Wedding Preview

Sometimes a wedding photo can stop you in your tracks, that happened to me more than once when looking through images of Tomina & Lance’s wedding in Levin on the weekend. I just love the first shot in the preview below that we caught of Tomina and her Dad walking her up the aisle to see Lance for the first time that day. Tomina is staring straight at Lance and her Dad is focused on his beautiful daughter. It’s a wonderful moment and one that I’m proud to have captured for them.

The other shot that literally stopped me in my tracks is the last photo in the post. The shot of Tomina and Lance practicing their first dance on Waitarere Beach against a warm orange sunset. We were lucky enough to be down there just after 8:30pm to catch the amazing sunset and had them do a quick twirl on the glassy sand from the outgoing tide. I’ve managed to capture a moment where there hands meet above Tomina’s head that is perfectly framed by the sun. When I saw this shot on my screen as I was downloading the cards it blew me away, that little moment when you forget to breathe and can only sit and stare at the image in front of you. It was such a stunning moment captured in the most spectacular scenery. This one photo reinforces the value of a still image to me. While I do love capturing wedding video for people this photo is proof that a single moment in time is equally as powerful when trying to tell a story.

To Tomina & Lance – Thank you for allowing us to capture your wedding day for you.

Brigitte & Jayson ~ Beautiful Boomrock wedding in the clouds

Here is a little preview of images form Brigitte & Jayson’s wedding at Boomrock. Not everyone can say they got married in the clouds but these guys definitely can. Straight after the ceremony you could hardly see 20m in front of you, but as with typical Wellington weather, these things are only temporary and by the evening there was clear sky to take in the impressive views. Enjoy this little preview of their bright yellow wedding day :) See if you can spot the Gangnam Style surprise wedding dance too!

Bride and Groom standing by fence at Boomrock
Bride and Groom portrait
Bride and Groom at Boomrock through the long grass
Groom embraces bride at Boomrock during sunset
Funny pose Bridal party at Boomrock in the clouds
Bridal party at Boomrock in the clouds
Wedding group photo at Boomrock
Bridal party dance Gangnam Style dance
Bride and Groom walk down aisle at Boomrock
Wedding celebrant at Boomrock
Bride & bridesmaid with yellow flowers
Bride and bridesmaids at Parliament gardens with yellow shoes
Groomsmen pinning flowers on jacket
Groomsmen posing for photos
Groomsmen tying ties
Wedding rings


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