Fran + Kirk {Zealandia Wedding Preview}

Here is a quick preview of Fran and Kirks wedding from Friday. They got married by the valve tower at Zealandia in front of their closest friends and family. They managed to successfully dodge the rain drops during the reception and then took a quick trip across the lake in the electric boat to get some creative bridal party photos. Thanks guys for letting Jen and I share your awesome day!

Zealandia valve tower wedding
Zealandia wedding first kiss
Zealandia wedding bridal party
Zealandia bridal party fun
Zealandia wedding bride and groom

Simon + Kerryn {Otaki Wedding Preview}

Here is a sneak preview from Simon and Kerryn’s wedding yesterday in sunny Otaki. They held the reception in a barn with some perfect summer weather. There were so many amazing details to this wedding that Simon and Kerryn had organised, from the candy floss machine through to the Sylvanian families with tiny handmade clothes on the wedding cake. Congrats guys! I loved the first dance, I think I got a great shot ‘kiss with a fist’ :)

Sylvanian Families wedding cake
First Kiss
Bride and Groom walk the aisle
Bridal Party at Otaki Trinity Rose Gardens
Bride and bridesmaids mismatched dresses
Groom and groomsmen with bowties
Bridal bouquet by Flowers Manuela
Creative bride and groom
Bride and Groom in love
Wedding reception guest playing petanque
Bridal party at the head table in barn
Bride and groom first dance
First dance - a kiss with a fist is better than none
Wedding reception festoon lights

Life is too short to…

On the way home from the butcher tonight Jen made a comment to me about the aah-mazing steak she bought for our dinner. We love our steak on the BBQ, it’s what we do. She made a passing comment that life’s just too short to eat bad steak, so we can justify spending $15 on it. You don’t see me complaining!

And it got me thinking…

Life is too short to… eat bad steak.

Life is too short to… drink bad wine.

Life is too short to… watch bad tv.

Life is too short to… not be doing what you love.

Life is too short to… not make time for the people that mean the most to you.

Life is too short… to waste.

So what’s yours? Leave a comment below if you’re feeling brave.

Hayley Evans - Life is too short to save things you love for “good”, use your best cutlery, wear your favourite dress!

Rich - Life is too short to hold a grudge. Who wants to walk around holding onto something negative! Forget it and move on

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