Who is Dan Carter’s Wedding Photographer?


So… who is Dan Carter’s Wedding Photographer?

Dan and Honor are tying the knot today down in Blenheim. The wedding venue is the Timara Lodge, which by all accounts looks incredible. I’ll bet they’ll be busy next year with all of the press they’re getting out of this most famous Kiwi wedding.

It’s been quite widely reported that Australian Women’s Weekly have paid in the order of $50,000 for exclusive rights to the wedding photos and with that I assume they would have been able to choose the photographer. I wonder who they chose to cover such an exclusive event? Hopefully it’s a talented kiwi photographer.

Not that I’d normally buy Women’s Weekly but I’m very keen to see the pictures ;)


Just to change topic ever so slightly, writing about Dan Carter made me think about something that I wanted to share with you. Just because someone owns a great camera doesn’t mean they are a great photographer :)

Just as if I bought the same Adidas rugby boots as Dan Carter I would not be a great goal kicker. Like all things, greatness requires a mix of natural talent, dedication, vision and hard work!

f a c e b o o k