Top o’ the mornin’

Here are some shots of Phil and Emma at Lyall Bay beach shortly after a fantastic brunch at the infamous Maranui Cafe. These were taken the morning after Ireland beat Australia in the Rugby World Cup. Phil was a happy Irishman to be sure! I don’t think he was whispering in Emma’s ear about the rugby though ;)

Katy and Crispy – First Look

For Katy and Crispy’s wedding day we shot a first look at the Library bar on Tory Street. This was the first time we’d shot a first look so it was quite different for Jen and I as they aren’t typical in a kiwi wedding. You see a lot of First Looks happening in American weddings on their blogs so it was a nice surprise to shoot one in Wellington. The main idea for having a First Look is that the bride and groom can begin the creative bridal party photos straight afterwards and be finished with those photos before the ceremony starts. The benefit of this is that once the ceremony is finished then the couple doesn’t have to leave their guests and spend more time eating, drinking and enjoying the company of friends and family. The only real reason for not doing a first look would be that it’s just not seen as traditional. The current tradition suggests that brides and grooms wait until seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time that day. That choice is an entirely personal one and if you don’t feel that you need to have a purely traditional wedding then it’s a great way to document your day. The one concession is that your bridal party need to ready slightly earlier in the day to allow time for photos.

Here are some of our favourite shots with Katy and Crispy. The guys got their early and warmed up the place with a few quiet beers. Once the girls arrived everyone was ushered outside and Crispy waited for his beautiful bride….

Dave Sandersoj - Good stuff, following through from the Stuff article. Nice feel to these! You should bump it back up after the coverage on Stuff today so it’s easier to find again! :)

Katy and Crispy – The real deal

I really want to let the pictures do the talking about this wedding so I’ll keep this short. Katy and Crispy are two awesome people who totally trusted us to get fantastic photos for their wedding. We had so much fun with them shooting their mid winter Wellington wedding. From the pictures you’d never know all the dramas that happened in the lead up to the event like Katy having to ditch her wedding dress that she bought over from Qatar and find a replacement with only days to go.

They were hugely lucky with the weather too. The week before there were tornadoes in Kapiti and the week later Wellington had a typical southerly blowing through, thankfully Wellington turned on a great day for them and we managed some stunning shots in the late afternoon light.

Katy and Crispy let us shoot a ‘first look’ at their wedding which isn’t the norm for Kiwi couples. We arranged a special meeting place where they got to see each other for the first time before their wedding. It was such a great moment and really added to the significance of the day. We then took the creative bridal party photos on the waterfront around Te Papa before the ceremony so that once that part was all done it was straight into the celebrating and the dance floor. As always, if you like the pics then please post a comment below ;)

Jono and Jen

Boatshed wedding bridal bouquet
Boatshed wedding bridal holding her flowers
Boatshed wedding mother of the bride
Boatshed wedding grooms waistcoat
First Look bride and groom
Boatshed bride walking aisle
Boatshed bride walking aisle
Wellington Waterfront Boatshed wedding
Wellington Waterfront Te Kouka bridal party
Bride and groom outside Wellington Boatshed
Wellington Waterfront bridesmaids
Bride and Groom kiss in Te Papa Wellington
Bridal party outside Te Papa Wellington Waterfront
Bride and Groom outside Te Papa Wellington Waterfront
Bride and Groom at Te Papa Wellington
Bridal Party at Te Papa, Wellington
Groomsmen joking at Te Papa
Bride and bridesmaids at Te Papa
Groom & groomsmen at Te Papa
Bride and Groom walk hand in hand, Boatshed Wedding
Wedding guests at The Boatshed
Wedding guests at The Boatshed
Wedding speeches at The Boatshed
Wedding speeches at The Boatshed
Wedding guests dancing inside The Boatshed
Wedding guests dancing inside The Boatshed
Wedding guests dancing inside The Boatshed
Dancing inside The Boatshed
Wellington Waterfront The Boatshed at night

Candice - What FANTASTIC photos Jono! I thoroughly enjoyed pouring over them and loved the emotion that was so tangible in each pic! Katy and Chris, you guys looked incredible!! Such happy photos! A memory to last a lifetime. CONGRATS!

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