What you see, depends on what you’re looking for

When we shoot, we’re aiming for an emotional reaction to our photos from the viewer. But a photograph also needs to be technically correct in terms of lighting, composition, exposure, focus and without visual distractions. It’s not easy to get all of those elements happening in harmony but when it comes together then the results can be breathtaking. An amazing photo should take your breath away. As a viewer you look into the photo and are oblivious to any of the technical aspects. You’re drawn in to the photo and just focus on the subject. You’re connected with that moment in time as though you were there.

As photographers we’ve found that only experience has enabled us to make the technical aspects second nature when we’re shooting. We’re in tune with our cameras and lenses to the point that we know how they react in different light. We understand what gets the best results from them. We know what environments they excel in and we seek out those places. It’s only once the technical aspects are right that the emotion within the scene makes or breaks a photo. That telling glance, or that cheeky smile, that moment shared between two people. Those are the human emotions that make a good photo great.   To balance those elements I think it’s about finding a symmetry between the left and the right brain, a combination of logic and feeling.

At the end of the day a great photo should tell a story by itself. It shouldn’t need explanation by the photo taker. This is something I’m constantly working towards every time I pick up my camera.  The best photos demand a balance between being technically correct and being emotionally involving. One without the other leads to a photo that leaves you wanting more.

Katy sent me a text the other day to say that when she looked at this photo of her wedding she cried. To her, it’s a perfect moment.

The photo above is taken by the super talented Jen ;)

Hayley - Jono and Jen – you are so talented at getting those intimate couple moments – in fact, it’s becoming your signature! And as a bride, those are the shots that will stand the test of time, they will hang on the wall as a reminder to the couple of the commitment they made to each other, challenging them to continue to have those moments throughout the years. On their 50 year wedding anniversary, still being able to look back at the memory – magic!!

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