Tales of a Macaroon addict

Thousands of people were captivated by the grand final of Masterchief last Sunday night, especially during the Macaroon tower challenge when Jax’s tower started to collapse (in heart wrenchingly slow motion) because they weren’t placed correctly on the tower. It was agonising to watch as Jax try to hold back the tears as she new her dreams of winning slipped further away as each macaroon dropped to the floor.
I felt so sorry for Jax, as according to the judge’s comments, her macaroons were cooked to the same standard as Nadia’s but she just didn’t place them correctly.

This episode made me think about how much I luuurvvve macaroons, and their soft chewy centre and yummy meringue crust. I was actually introduced to french macaroons by my friend from work who came across this store in Christchurch J’aime Les Macarons who deliver macaroons around NZ and they also offer macaroon favours for weddings. They present them beautifully in a neat cellophane bag with a pretty ribbon and personalised label to match your wedding theme.

They have stockists around NZ, and they used to be available to buy from Moore Wilsons in Wellington. However I popped in to buy some for my friend’s birthday on the weekend and was told that they haven’t received any since the Chch quake which is a real shame. Luckily they had some other macaroons made by a local Wellington store – ‘Sky & Helenes’, which come presented in a cute little box sealed with wax. At $7.50 for four macaroons, I would definitely only buy these for special occasions but I did buy an extra box for Jono and I to try, for research purposes of course ;)

I had the chocolate and raspberry flavours, and they were delicious and tasted just like they should.

Maybe one day I’ll try making these myself, but I don’t think I’ll be trying anything adventurous like the challenge on Masterchief! A little bird has told me you can also get them at the Wellington City Market so we’ll plan a trip down there soon.

Here are some pics of the lovely Macarons from Sky & Helenes:



f a c e b o o k