Get creative

One topic that I’ve often heard in wedding circles is the benefit of whether your wedding photographer has shot at your venue before. I would suggest that most couples prefer this, and I know close friends of mine who chose their wedding photographer on Waiheke Island specifically because she had years of experience at the venue they were booking. (They couldn’t book me, I was the best man!) ¬†Logically, it sounds like a great thing to have that venue experience on your side. But is it possible to photograph a wedding venue too many times?

Personally I love the challenge of photographing a wedding at a brand new venue. It allows me to be both completely creative and to shoot the best scene with the light that I have in front of me, instead of some pre-conceived idea about the scene.

It also allows me the feelling of staying fresh because I don’t want to just re-produce the same weddings and photos over and over again. Personally that’s a really important part of being an artist and enjoying what I’m doing.

This of course is just my own personal opinion on staying creative. Wellington only has so many great venues so it’s only a matter of time before I’ll have to come up with new and exciting ways to keep it fresh or start shooting nationwide and overseas. I’m quite looking forward to that challenge though.

So I’m dying to know, are you married and was it a factor for you? Are you planning your wedding and looking for someone that has that venue experience? Or do you sit on the fence and just want great wedding photos regardless? I’m keen to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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