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Do you video destination weddings?

YES! If you love my style and are planning a destination wedding I’d love to chat with you about wedding video or photography. I’m based in Wellington but will travel anywhere in New Zealand or overseas for your wedding.

Can you do both videography and photography for our wedding?

Unfortunately I can’t offer both photography and video for your wedding. I don’t have enough gear and people for both photo & video. If you book me to video your wedding then I’ll work along side your photographer.

What is the most expensive wedding in history?

Apparently it was Prince Charles & Lady Diana. The bill was $48 million in 1981, or $110 million when adjusted for inflation.

Where do you suggest we have our wedding photos taken in Wellington?

There are some great locations hidden around Wellington and the region. I can suggest a number of locations for creative wedding photos.  It depends if you like the beach,  the bush or open landscapes. Great photos can happen almost anywhere.

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