How will you remember your wedding day?

You may or may not yet know but I’ve added video to my bag of storytelling tools. Some people call it a wedding film or wedding cinematography or just simply wedding video. Regardless of what you call it, I’m delighted to be doing it. I love what can be recorded when filming a wedding, there is so much more you can see and feel with moving pictures and the benefit of sound.

That brings me to my latest little idea, of late I’ve had several couples enquire about having their wedding filmed and one of the more interesting recurring themes is that someone very important to the couple can’t be there to attend. Either someone in their family is ill or can’t travel to be at the wedding. So in order for the missing family member to really sense, see and hear what happened on the day they are looking at video to capture the memories even though they are already having photos taken.

When I think about it, I couldn’t agree more.

Having a wedding film created of your day doesn’t make your photography any less important but all of a sudden your memory of the day is grounded in motion pictures instead of several photographs. I don’t think the wedding photography industry is going away anytime soon but I’m excited about the changes ahead. Already overseas in Canada, USA, Philippines and closer to home in Australia there has been a major shift and quality wedding films are now very common at weddings.

Will there come a time when people will opt for a wedding video over having a photographer? I think that’s quite a rare scenario but one that could happen in the next few years in Wellington.

I’m currently working on editing two recent wedding films and can’t wait to finish them so I can show the couples.

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