Katy and Crispy – First Look

For Katy and Crispy’s wedding day we shot a first look at the Library bar on Tory Street. This was the first time we’d shot a first look so it was quite different for Jen and I as they aren’t typical in a kiwi wedding. You see a lot of First Looks happening in American weddings on their blogs so it was a nice surprise to shoot one in Wellington. The main idea for having a First Look is that the bride and groom can begin the creative bridal party photos straight afterwards and be finished with those photos before the ceremony starts. The benefit of this is that once the ceremony is finished then the couple doesn’t have to leave their guests and spend more time eating, drinking and enjoying the company of friends and family. The only real reason for not doing a first look would be that it’s just not seen as traditional. The current tradition suggests that brides and grooms wait until seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time that day. That choice is an entirely personal one and if you don’t feel that you need to have a purely traditional wedding then it’s a great way to document your day. The one concession is that your bridal party need to ready slightly earlier in the day to allow time for photos.

Here are some of our favourite shots with Katy and Crispy. The guys got their early and warmed up the place with a few quiet beers. Once the girls arrived everyone was ushered outside and Crispy waited for his beautiful bride….

Dave Sandersoj - Good stuff, following through from the Stuff article. Nice feel to these! You should bump it back up after the coverage on Stuff today so it’s easier to find again! :)

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